A portion of every client’s fee goes toward a charity.

At the end of the year Mr. Futerman donates to a variety of charities. This money is taken directly from fees generated from each individual client. In 2015, Mr. Futerman now gives clients the option to choose a charity to donate to and at the end of the year all charities that have benefited from the representation of Mr. Futerman will be listed below.

This year we are glad to announce the donation from The Futerman Law Firm to 10 charities. The contributions to these charities came 100% from clients fees. Thank you to all of our clients for making this possible.
1. Make a Wish
2. Feeding America
3. Life Path Hospice
4. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital 
6. American Red Cross
7. American Heart Association  
8. Salvation Army
9. Guide Dogs for the Blind
10. Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Our mission statement for 2016 is to select 4 charities and to donate $20,000. With my clients continued support we hope to make this possible.
Many Thanks
Roger Futerman